Music… Again

A waltz in progress, a soundscape, a reworked track, and Anneke :)

And a great song by Anneke van Giersbergen (once in the Gathering)

Nature Boy

A cover that melts my heart, despite, or maybe partly because of all its shortcomings. For one, the English accent sounds disarmingly sweet instead of irritating. In a word, love it. Love her voice, her low-key presentation, the looks they exchange during the song… And of course, the guy’s pizzicato on the piano strings…



Orange flower, blue ribbon - all the sky
There are times that I feel closer
To the edge you’d crossed before
And sometimes I think I see you
Through an almost open door…

Silence of a Tree (excerpt)

Sometimes things bump around in your head for no obvious reason, they just want to bring themselves to your attention, or make a bigger picture, together.

Two colors. A picture I’ve taken three years ago. A poem from my school years. Themes my mind is focused on again these days. And a wise and comforting response to those feelings from a man on whose BBS I’ve spent countless nights in those years, whether it was a proto social network or not… Another man from my past and present, both ‘virtual’ this time.